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Kilrush is at the centre of the rich and diverse coastal landscape of the West Clare Peninsula and is set in an unforgettable seascape that features… Read more
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Willing to travel? We found great results within 16 km of Kilrush…. Read more
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Video of Kilrush

Drive through video of Kilrush, Co. Clare, Republic of Ireland… Read more


Map of Kilrush Parish showing Townlands… Read more
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Music Festival

Kilrush Traditional Music & Set Dancing Festival… Read more
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Clare Tourism is proud to launch an exciting and diverse Clare Festival & Events Guide for 2018. As Ireland’s Banner County, Clare is once again leading the way during 2018 with hundreds of Festivals & Events and a range of year round outdoor activities for visitors to choose from…. Read more
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Kerry to Co. Clare

From early morning as the mist descends the Shannon Estuary to the Wild Atlantic Sea, to the setting of the sun in the late of the evening, ShannonFerry will take you and your vehicle on this memorable 20 minute… Read more

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Our Team consists of over 30 active members from all strands of community with a diverse range of occupations… Read more

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Cill Rois, meaning the church of the promontory or woods has existed since the 16th century but it was not until the 18th century that it underwent major development… Read more