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Our Great Island Experience in Co. Clare’s Wild Atlantic Way

We often get asked.. “but what will I do on an uninhabited island for five hours?!!”…

So we thought we’d share some tips on the best way to enjoy Scattery Island and our new Great Island Experience Tour.

But first off.. lets dispense with some of the fearful myths!..

  • “Yes”… there is 4G on the island so you won’t lose touch with the world!
  • “No”…  there are no cafes on the island.. but fear not.. you won’t starve! This tour has the option of a packed lunch, or you can bring your own instead!
  • “Yes”… there are toilet facilities on the island!!…you’ll be grand!
  • “Yes”… we have coffee!.. so don’t worry.. you won’t be twitching from a lack of caffine
  • And finally.. “No”… you won’t get bored.. once you know what to do!

So we know that Scattery is rich in history, but there’s so much more to the island than just history and no one knows better than us, just how to enjoy the island to its fullest!

So welcome to OUR perfect Great Island Experience!…

On arrival to the island, you commence your guided walking tour and you’ll be swept away on a spell binding history that crosses the centuries of people that have made this little island their home. Learn about St. Senan’s brave battle against the serpent Cathagh and his creation of the monastic settlement, dating back to the early fifth century. Take in the fascinating history this little island holds, from the early monastic times, right through to the last of the islanders who inhabited Scattery. (Duration: approx 1 hour 15 mins)

Once you’ve finished your tour, have a look around the island’s exhibition at the visitor centre and soak up the pier-side views back to the mainland of Kerry and Clare as you enjoy your lunch at one of the available picnic tables. Our packed lunch is made by the Potters Hand Cafe in Kilrush with all locally sourced ingredients and the sandwiches are made by our local Considine’s Bakery bread (100% natural ingredients!)(Duration: 45 mins)

All rested and tummies full, you can now begin your journey across to the southern end of the island, where you can find the lighthouse and battery. Your Great Island Experience Package includes a new audio tour that guides you by Old Street, where the last of the islanders lived, then onto the lighthouse, and the Napoleonic artillery battery, where you learn more about this chapter of the island’s past.(Duration: 1 hour)

On completion of this audio tour, you can now set off on a walk around the entire circumference of the island, exploring the shoreline, which takes you an additional hour and a half and offers panoramic views of the estuary and Kerry. At the rear or Western side of the island, you will find the old Ice Houses where the fishermen used to store the fish caught in the various fishing weirs that were once located along that shoreline. As you walk, soak to the peace and quiet the island offers, while you listen to the gentle lapping of the tide and the islands local birdlife. (Duration: 1.5 hours)

OR: For those that don’t wish to spend that much time walking, we recommend you  stroll back along the path you came from towards the visitor centre and the pier. As you walk, look down rather than up and enjoy the range of wild flowers that grow on the island or one of the many rabbits the make the island their home. On arrival back to the pier, why not take a dip! Scattery offers fresh clean waters for swimming, and you can swim from the shoreline or off the pier if you wish.

For the more adventurous of you.. why not try some crab fishing! I recently had the pleasure of doing some crab fishing with friends at Cappa Pier (thank you for a lovely evening Catherine and Amy!). It brought me right back to my childhood (and just between us.. it’s as much fun for adults as it is for children!) If you’re in company, see who can catch the most crabs and then have a competition to race them, as you release them back to the waters down the islands slip way! (We do ask that you release any crabs you catch). You can buy crab fishing lines in O’Sullivan’s wonderful old world store located in Moore Street in Kilrush before you depart. Then pop into Supervalu (next to the Marina) and pick up some fatty bacon as bait.. the crabs love it!!(Duration: 1.5 Hours)

Would you look at the time!.. you’ve just spent 4.5 hours of absolute relaxation on Scattery Island! Time for your ferry home soon…  so you’ve 30 minute free to relax and soak up the atmosphere before we transport you back to the hustle and bustle of your busy life again!

On your return trip, you can avail a refreshing tea or coffee with our onboard cafe facility.

Things to Bring:

  • Lunch (if you chose not to book our island lunch pack)
  • Picnic Blanket/Towel/Swim suit
  • Crab fishing line – really.. it’s well worth it!
  • Ear phones for your Battery/Lighthouse audio Tour
  • A flask .. we can fill this with tea or coffee for you in our onboard cafe!
  • A good book.. if you fancy just sitting and soaking up the atmosphere!
  • Sun screen.. we’re always optimistic about the weather in Ireland!
  • A windproof jacket with a hood.. just in case we’re over optimistic about the weather!
  • Good walking shoes
  • For children, we provide a kiddies treasure trail map, but always good to bring a ball or a little sand bucket to collect sea shells in!
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