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Local communities brimming with local Saints…

Have you noticed Social Media has changed over the past week, facebook and Instagram have become a lot less “this is what I do” and a lot “more what can we do for you?”

Communities are pulling together in ways not seen for decades.

In Kilrush Offers from our local stores to deliver ready meals, meat , stationary, household goods , and groceries all free of charge. Businesses and the local community taking every step to protect the older community and assist those living alone.

In Kilkee, a spontaneous and joyful St Patricks Parade erupted as cars hastily decorated and horns blasting flew around the town in a burst of well distanced exuberance and more offers of free local deliveries from the local stores with contact numbers

In Carrigaholt everyone has been sent a personal written message, hand delivered, with offers of help, deliveries and support. Phone calls made to those who are on their own, just to say how are you, if you need anything let us know..

In Doonbeg, more offers of support from the Parish League to check in on those living alone or pick up groceries or prescriptions for the elderly.

Loop Head posting the best places to get out and walk, either alone or with the community, careful thoughtful and useful information for the community.

Our local communities, showing great kindness and spirit, coming together online and offline with simple acts of thoughtful kindness.

These are our amazing local communities…our local Saints.

Doing everything that can be done to keep up morale, stay safe and well and have West Clare better than ever for you, when everything returns to normal and we are ready to welcome you back.

Until then..stay safe and well x


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